Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years Day

My New Years Resolutions:

1) Exercise more. By summer I need to be firm and toned... being thin with big boobs is not enough.
2) Be on time. "Beckie" time just ain't cuttin' it and I'm starting to get the feeling I'm turning into a flake.
3) Clean my house more. Neat and tidy is not necessarily clean.
4) Make Processor 1. Not sure why...
5) Pay off my credit card bill. I only have one but the limit would cover few credit card limits for some people, and I need for it to be paid I can buy more stuff...HA!

In honor of the New Year I thought I would look at my inner strengths and weaknesses and then expose them to the world....

Your Five Factor Personality Profile


You have low extroversion.

You are quiet and reserved in most social situations.

A low key, laid back lifestyle is important to you.

You tend to bond slowly, over time, with one or two people.


You have low conscientiousness.

Impulsive and off the wall, you don't take life too seriously.

Unfortunately, you sometimes end up regretting your snap decisions.

Overall, you tend to lack focus, and it's difficult for you to get important things done.


You have medium agreeableness.

You're generally a friendly and trusting person.

But you also have a healthy dose of cynicism.

You get along well with others, as long as they play fair.


You have low neuroticism.

You are very emotionally stable and mentally together.

Only the greatest setbacks upset you, and you bounce back quickly.

Overall, you are typically calm and relaxed - making others feel secure.

Openness to experience:

Your openness to new experiences is high.

In life, you tend to be an early adopter of all new things and ideas.

You'll try almost anything interesting, and you're constantly pushing your own limits.

A great connoisseir of art and beauty, you can find the positive side of almost anything.

Happy New Year!!!


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