Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hail to the Chief

Well, yours truly did it...I made the Presidents Club!

You have to be nominated by your manager and then approved by the Prez hissself or the VP or someone higher up like that. Then we have a really nice luncheon on real china and silverware! wooohoo!! It actually was really nice. The food wasn't the normal slop that usually makes me a little sick. It actually tasted pretty good. Even the key lime pie....and I usually don't like key lime pie. You get a really cool looking glass plaque trophy thingy and then the VP's and Prez of banking walk around and sit at the different tables making small talk with ya.

Probably the funniest part was that I had to refer to "Pretty Woman" to remind myself which fork to use. Other than that, I don't think I embarrassed myself too much. The embarrassing part has been my numbers for May and June which have been dismal. My work goal numbers have been actually pretty good, which is good b/c each week if you did above 90% you get a chance at "The Wheel" which offers all kinds of cool gift cards and such. I'm getting quite addicted to it. I've gotten a few Visa cards, Walmart cards, movie cards, and a Valero card. What sucks is in May I got an 81% for my surveys, and this month ain't looking too good either.

The good/bad news is, pretty much everyone is having a really crappy month. People are walking out faster than they can hire. What's really bad is the people they are hiring aren't going to any VA units (which is only 2 and a half units anyways) and we are just getting slammed. Last month I closed 41 loans and this month is going over 50! And I am the norm too! Everyone is getting total burn out. We are supposed to all be doing conventional by October, and I personally can't wait! Unlike the VA, they actually get a quiet fall and winter time period. And also unlike the VA, they (as in the people from "above") actually take their discomfort and discord seriously. Whenever there is a meeting and problems are being discussed, there is always a little asterick next to us which means "Not applicable to VA" and I'm just tired of it.

I just really do not get paid enough for all the crap I get from borrowers, realtors, and closing agents. Maybe if I got some kind of commission, like a loan officer gets, it would be worth it. But all I get is a crappy hourly wage just like any other joe blow and I gotta do all the blowing.

Very tired signing out.....